ATech Ticketing

About ATech Ticketing

ATech Ticketing was established in 2002 to assist customers in the Passenger Vessel Industry with a Reservations and Ticketing system solution. Our company is built on the principle of providing outstanding products and reliable service at a reasonable cost. Our professional approach and high standards allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

Why use our system

Our software is mature and feature rich, and is used by some of the largest privately owned organizations. We've already anticipated and built in a large number of features to support your unique operational mode.

We have a unique and agile team made up of system development experts ready to meet any challenges that come up. Our average developer has 20+ years of experience.

Our Team

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Interested in learning more about our system? Contact us to setup a demo to see our system in action!

We are confident that our system will meet the majority of your processing needs. However, if there is something unique and special you need, we can make it happen!

We can customize

Our Customers

Our customers are our most valuable asset. We work together to address industry specific needs an regulations, including PCI compliance. Contact us to arrange a one-on-one discussion with one of our customers.

Our POS, Admin, and Web Apps are written in Visual Studio .Net, and we employ a SQL Server back-end database. Our Mobile App was re-written in 2020 running on Android and iOS.

System Architecture